♂♂♂♂Happy Marsday 7/25/2017♂♂♂♂

Divination by MiMi

Mars’ current placement in Leo is all about confidence, self-expression, and very fiery active male energy.  This aspect brings a peacock to mind.  The warrior at his best dressed and most confident.

As Mars is a warrior, all of the attributes needed to be a warrior are associated.

Activity, movement, action and yang masculinity.  This energy is protective and also warring, so not to be messed with.

As Mars is represented on the 5th Sephirot of the Qabalistic tree of life, known as  Geburah.  This energy is considered something of a “..Cosmic Surgeon” as Dion Fortune puts it.

Mars in an exalted aspect “gets shit done”!

The first mineral that is associated with Mars that comes to mind is Asbestos – protection from fire as well as the ability to burn continuously without being consumed.

A herb that is associated with Mars is

Leek – again protection, used in exorcism…

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