☿☿☿☿Happy Mercury Day7/26/2017☿☿☿☿

Good Day Fellow Seekers.  Happy Wednesday to you.  Today we consider hump day and her planetary assignment of Mercury.

Mercury, as of today July 26, 2017, has entered the constellation of Virgo.  Mercury is happy here as he/she/androgyne rules this astrological sign. Think, plan, think, plan and then, think and plan again :o)

Mercury is the inner most, smallest and fastest planet in the solar system.  It makes its rounds in 88 days. Mercury is known as the messenger of the God’s, which explains its close association with communication, education, logistics, and mechanics.

Because it is an inner planet it is one of the personal planets, meaning its movements in the sky have a very direct and immediate effect on the lives of those on Terre firm.

Mercury is also associated with travel.  Usually quick trips.


Mercury is about thinking and logic.  Quick wit and quick speech.

Thinking is constant for those ruled by or highly impacted by Mercury.


Mercury’s placement in the Qabalistic tree of life on the 8th Sephirot of  HOD indicates how closely related Mercury is in the final stages of physical manifestation.  At this point in the lightning flash, the logistics of manifestation are worked out.  Here we are drawing out the flow charts and formulating mechanics of matter.

An example of herbs with Mercury as its ruler is:

Mace – This herb is used to enhance psychic and mundane mental powers..

A mineral that is ruled by Mercury is:

Aventurine – again, used for enhanced mental abilities.

As you can see, with Mercury it’s all about thinking and the processes related.

Mercury, as you would imagine loves the internet as it is a forum for such mental processes and communications.  That said Mercury has its positive AND negative attributes.

On the higher octave of Mercury, you see the open dialogue and sharing of theories and concepts communicated with respect.  On the lower octave, this can degrade to gossip and slander.

A reminder that Intellect is both a tool and a weapon.

Much love Soul Family ❤



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