Tarot, Oracle, and Runic reading for 7/26/2017

Fool reversed. There may be a tendency to enter a new endeavor with fast paced, arrogant and impulsive gusto. This may have you fighting to make a point or push an agenda at any cost. Remember there is no other we are all expressions of the same divinity. That said, indifference to the suffering of others in favor of your own ambition is a self-defeating act. The sun rune begs that you wait and watch for illumination and clarification before acting / reacting. The Ing ru20294139_462807100760699_362515649147490419_nThe Ing rune indicates that taking the time and humility to investigate things fully will result in a positive and successful project. Possibly ushering in a new phase of life. Much love♡
#tarot #oracle #divination #metaphysics #astrology #spirituality #archetypes#runes #crystals #occult #advice #witchcraft

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