♀♀♀♀Happy Venus Day 7/28/2017♀♀♀♀


Good Friday Fellow Seekers ❤

If it’s not already obvious, Friday is associated with the planet Venus. She is currently at 26 degrees Gemini. Venus rules the astrological signs of Libra and Taurus.

Venus is concerned with the value of things, whether that is finances, relationships or beauty. Of course, she is concerned with the beauty or beautification of things and she has to do with love and sensuality.

As the lady is directly connected with the pleasures of life, it makes sense that she would herald the beginning of what most in the western world consider the “weekend”.  Time for fun and interpersonal relationships.

Venus is directly associated with the concept of the Divine Feminine.  Although she is not the only feminine archetype, she is likely the most recognizable of the various faces of the femininity.

Herbal associations with Venus include:

Violet – used for healing, protection, wishes, peace self-love and romantic spells.

Mineral associations with Venus include:

Rose Quartz – assists the healing of night terrors, detoxing, stress and for spells related to fertility and peace.

Venus is associated with the 7th Sephirot of the Qabalistic tree of life called Netzach. The point in manifestation where thought forms and concepts begin to take focus.


Have a blessed Venus Day Soul Family ❤

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