♄♄♄♄Happy Saturnday 7/29/2017♄♄♄♄


Happy Saturday Fellow Seekers ❤

Saturday is associated with the planet Saturn.  Right now Saturn is retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius.  This lends itself to rethinking and reconsidering plans and logistics for education, travel and esoteric knowledge.

Saturn also known as Cronos is related to time, structure, law and matter.  Saturn gets a bad rap because he expresses questionable ethics in Greek Myth, but mostly because he is restrictive.  The Hall Monitor, The Cop, The Law and other such manifestations of Saturnian energy relate to the physical limitations of the 3-dimensional world.

Saturn is associated with the 3rd Sephirot on the Qabalistic Tree of Life known as Binah.  The first Sephirot of the pillar of severity, which that in itself says a lot, however, what it’s really getting at is that once a concept born in the spiritual world begins to manifest into matter in the physical world, it now is subject to the laws of that world.

As an energy, it is powerful in that it sculpts concepts into the physical world. That is great, but once that happens there are limits on that manifestation.

That said, Saturnian energy is great for manifestation magick. Also for binding and banishing.

Herbal Associations with Saturn are:

Cleavers – used for protection, relationships, commitment, tenacity

Mineral Associations with Saturn include:

Tourmaline – excellent for protection.

Enjoy your Saturnday ❤

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