🌞❂☉Happy Sunday☉❂🌞

Happy Sunday Fellow Seekers ❤

Sunday is the associated with the Sun. The bright lovely star that centers our galaxy is associated with Joy positivity and the astrological sign of Leo.

A minor 92.96 million miles from Earth it is a pivotal source of life on this planet.

The God Apollo is associated with the Sun as well as music, dance, and art. Born to Leto and Zeus he is the radiant God of joy, the sun, celebration, the arts, and prophecy.


Herbal associations with the Sun:

Marigold – known to heal abdominal cramps and rheumatism as well as being psychoactive and used for vision quests.  This fits the association with Apollo as he is also the God of prophecy.


Mineral associations with the Sun:

Citrine – draws joy, wealth, and abundance and can be used to cleanse other stones.  Is used to help with positive thinking.

Drink in some rays of light and joy today!!

Be well fellow seekers ❤

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