♂♂♂♂ Happy Marsday 8/1/2017 ♂♂♂

Hello Fellow Seekers and Happy Marsday ♂

Mars finds himself direct and in the Leo constellation today.  In addition, the warrior planet makes a lovely trine with the Moon.   Tuesday, August 1, 2017,  is about the Divine Masculine asserting himself emotionally.

The Tarot and Oracle draw reflects this as well.


The Page of Swords Reversed indicates you have been waiting for a communication from a person of interest, and it’s not happening at the pace you would like.

Notice at the top of the card the Hebrew letter Zayin?  This means quite literally, “sword”, and like Mars’ placement on the Qabalistic tree of life, in the  Sephirot of Geburah, the energy is perfect for cutting through the bullshit and getting to the point.

Dion Fortune refers to Geburah as the cosmic surgeon, and his ruling planet Mars is embracing this energy today.  The Divine Masculine is making the first move as it relates to love and other social interactions.

The Ptah card of the Cartouche upright is a patron of men and supports these energies. This card indicates the best use of masculine energy and it indicates that the time is now to take action. Ptah indicates that you have the tools that you need.  This is a  great time to make the first move with clear purpose.

Regardless of what gender you identify with, embrace this active masculine energy.  It get’s shit done 🙂

Mars has a correspondence in the body with the gall bladder and is associated with Energy!!! Again, reiterating that active masculine vibe 🙂

Herbal associations for Mars include:

Basil – aids in digestion and has antibacterial and anti fungal properties.  It is known to attract money, peace, happiness and to ward off insanity.

Mineral associations with Mars include:

Carnelian – cleanses blood and kidneys.  It inspires courage and is said to promote healing and harmony.


Enjoy your Tuesday/Marsday Soul Family ❤

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