✺☿☿☿ Happy Mercury Day ☿☿☿✺

Good Day Fellow Seekers and Happy Mercury or Tuesday ☿

Mercury is direct and in the constellation of Virgo this day.  Although not yet arrived, the Mercury Retrograde is approaching, so it is possible that you might be feeling the effects as early as this week.  Remember the old adage when contemplating the ramifications of Mercury Retrograde and read everything twice 🙂

20170801_103900 (2)

Today’s Tarot and Oracle pull indicate that we are reaching the level of mastery in some art form or skill.  8 of Pentacles upright lets us know we have been working hard and are becoming adept at our endeavors.  Our hard work is appreciated.  With this comes a warning in the form of the 2 reversed Archetype Cards.

The Networker Card is perfect for the energies of Mercury as it relates to sharing of information, but when pulled in its reversed state, it expresses the shadow aspect.  That being sharing of information purely for personal gain. Sometimes to the point of spreading falsehood and/or fear.

With this, the Slave Archetype Card in reverse expresses release of personal autonomy to an external authority out of fear of making one’s own choices.

The message appears to be, take care with your manner in the work place.  Work out of love not out of fear.  Hone your skills for the sake of perfecting your craft, not to one up your colleagues or topple them in the climb to the top.

Often we can allow fear of failure or financial insecurity to dominate our actions and, we, in turn, act out of fear and desperation with others in order to maintain our position of perceived security.  I believe this is common in our “wage slave” times. The willingness to relinquish our morals to maintain our place at the foot of the slave master.

I believe this is common in our “wage slave” times. The willingness to relinquish our morals to maintain our place at the foot of the slave master.

Avoid trading your own personal standards and ethics for a false sense of  security.


Herbal associations with Mercury include:

Anise Hyssop – It is said to encourage open, honest, and uplifting communications. It is also an excellent addition to any banishing floor wash.

Mineral Associations with Mercury include:

Agate: Like the Mercurial Androgyne, Agate assists in balancing Yin and Yang energies. Known also to assist in healing circulatory and lymphatic systems. Makes sense considering it involves movement.


Lastly, a reminder to take care from 8/12/2017 – 9/5/2017.  This is the timeframe for the Retrograde.  If you can avoid engaging in any contractual obligations during this time you may potentially save yourself a lot of hassle.

Also, take care with your communications and with how you perceive the communications of others.  During the Retrograde, not all of the information is present and/or clear.

Be well Friends ❤

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