♃♃♃ Happy Jovesday 8/3/2017 ♃♃♃

Hello, Fellow Seekers 🙂

Wow! Get ready for a potentially unpredictable day.  Firstly, the Moon is conjunct a retrograde Saturn in the constellation of Sagittarius. Luna also is forming a harmonious trine with Uranus in Aries who just so happens to go retrograde TODAY! Today is Jupiter’s day who is placed in Libra and is direct.  Expansive energy and a good possibility that some major positive changes will occur in our day to day lives and interpersonal relationships. This is the way to kick off Eclipse Season!!! Woohooo!!! Get Ready and buckle up!

aug 3

Thanks to Planetwatcher.com for the above screenshot.


Today’s Tarot and Oracle pull lets us know that we are ready for a new start.  The World Upright indicates that an old phase of our life is closing and we are beginning a new chapter.

The High Priestess in Reverse indicates that we may not have all of the information regarding this change available, or it is being hidden from us.  Eiwhaz supports this likelihood suggesting that our goal is in sight but with a slight obstacle.  With perseverance, clear purpose and right action, our goal is attainable.

Notice that both of these Tarot cards are Major Arcana.  This is big life changing events folks.  I reiterate…BE READY AND BUCKLE UP ❤

Consider, also, that this is happening today on Thursday.  Jupiter’s day.  Expansive energy, so changes and harmonious aspects magnified!!!  Be calm and open and let things flow. Be looking for signs, symbols they will be flowing through the eclipse portal this month.


Jupiter is associated with Lapis Lazuli.  Lapis Lazuli releases stress, bringing deep peace and inner knowledge of self.  It has an element of protection as well during this high impact time.  Consider getting a hold of a piece and keeping it close.


Jupiter is also associated with Red Clover. Red clover is known to break hexes, provide protection from psychic attacks and bring good fortune in love and marriage.

Be alert this day and days to come through August.  Watch for symbols, signs, warnings, and confirmations from the highest mind and beyond the veil.

Much Love Soul Family ❤


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