Mars squares Pluto. Sunday 19, November 2017.

Be prepared to stop yourself from engaging in potentially brutal arguments.  This is a rough aspect where Power meets War.

Remember as we navigate the deep waters of Scorpio season, when someone irks us or triggers us to react, it is only a reflection.  It is a calling to look deeper within.  Before engaging in a war of words or fists, keep this in mind.  There is no other, they are merely a reflection of ourselves.

The Tarot delivers The Hanged Man in Reverse.  There may be a tendency to be self-righteous today as we hold on, stubbornly, to our ideas.  Pick your battles wisely.

The Cartouche provides Earth.  Stay grounded.  Be aware of your physical, mental and spiritual reactions to outer irritants.20171119_060808Much love soul family ❤

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