Neptune is finally Direct. Make a Wish<3

Neptune direct 11/22/2017 in a loose trine with Jupiter is lovely energy and the beginning of powerful and miraculous wish fulfillment.  The energy will increase potency as it approaches a perfect trine.  The trine perfection will be exact 12/2/2017.

This is miracles moving forward and Jupiter expanding them.  Dream, plan and focus in faith as you add energy to what you want to see rather than what you don’t want to see.

This is a positive and magickal time to dream, plan and put those plans to action. Miracles can occur.  Particularly potent 12/2.


This occasion’s oracle comes from the”Keepers of the Light” Oracle by Kyle Gray and artwork by Lily Moses.

Mahavatar Babaji  – Soul Expansion.  Your consciousness is expanding. You understand the connection of all things.

Avatar or Incarnate Babaji is a Christ Consciousness being introduced to us through the teachings of Parmahansa Yogananda.  Existing between and within the various multiverses, Babaji is often “seen/experienced” to those who seek that connection to the all.

In recent days, weeks or months, we may have retreated from the sensory and ego world.  Detaching ourselves from social situations.  However, these planetary shifts that are occurring are bringing us back to life and connecting with all that is as we recognize how a part of EVERYTHING we truly are.

There is no other..we are all connected. All things are connected.  Smile in this knowledge and take comfort in the divinity and royalty of you and all things.


Much love soul family ❤



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