On this Thanksgiving, I am grateful for Persephone’s Journey. Why?

It is said that Hades so loved Persephone, that he abducted and brought her to the underworld, and as she is the Goddess of vegetation, reaping her abundance for the colder months ahead.

As Persephone is brought to the underworld and partakes of the pomegranate, she must remain there, or so the myth goes.  After a deal is struck amongst the gods, it becomes the law that she will remain in the underworld for the autumn and winter months, and in spring, she returns from the cthonic world to herald the warmer and fecund months.

As most myth does, this tale provides an allegory for our lives.  The tale of Persephone’s journey through the underworld is our journey to self.  Our path through the shadow realm of our own lives as we take on personal reflection and seek to learn and grow.

I feel that this is the lesson of our lives.  As Jung suggests, until we integrate all parts of ourselves, the shadow and the light, we are destined to make the same mistakes and arrive at the same predicaments time and time again.

This deep reflection and investigation of self is easier said than done, no doubt, but a worthy task nonetheless.   And so with all of the symbolism of Persephone’s, Innana’s and countless other stories of self-reflection at our fingertips or just a click away with the help of the internet, I invite you to use the months ahead to dive deep into your own life. What are some of the repeated patterns?  What themes seem to appear over and over.  Do they serve you?

Finding these patterns and going further to determine what are their driving motivations, is like putting a puzzle together piece by piece.  The process is illuminating and healing.

20171123_113832Much love soul family<3


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