The Party in the Skies: Astrological Report for 3/12-18 2018

new moon

Tuesday 3/13 2018 Venus in Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn.  Hmm, do I clean the house, balance the checkbook and go to the gym, OR, do I call off sick to work and go get a tattoo?  It will be a struggle with this one, but my bet would be on handling responsibilities.  Otherwise, Saturn in his home sign of Capricorn will make you pay in one way or another.  Ugh, the master of cause and effect.  Whatever!  So just do what you have to do, and put off the fun for a more astrologically hospitable day; o).

Not to worry, later the Sun in Pisces makes a harmonious trine to Jupiter in Scorpio allowing for positive opportunities and good fortune. A warning, however, with this happy conversation.  As  Jupiter is Retrograde, make certain that you are NOT repeating old destructive patterns as you embark on new projects.  Instead, use what you’ve learned from the past mistakes and go forward with a fresh perspective.

On to Saturday, March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day) There is a New Moon in Pisces.  This energy, on a high octave, will see us using compassion and intuition in dealing with loved ones.  On the low octave, we might want to retreat into the Neptunian escapism of drugs, alcohol and so on.  Enjoy but be aware of the motivation in all things.

Mars will be squaring this new moon which may cause arguments and conflicts, but fear not, this energy will not last long as Mars will also be moving into Capricorn on this day as well.  The warrior planet will bring that exalted firey energy and ambition to the 10th house Capricorn which could see your career energized.

Sunday 3/18/2018 – The Moon and Venus are conjunct in Aries.  A lot of emotion and energy put into relationships. Possibly hot and passionate encounters.  Enjoy!

That is it for the week soul family.

Much love<3



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