The Party in the Sky ☆ March 26th to April 1st 2018

Monday 3/26 • Moon enters Leo and forms a lovely trine with the Sun in Aries, making for confidence in your relationships and in creativity. Really investing your heart in some creative endeavor with confidence and daring.

Wednesday 3/28 • Venus is conjunct Uranus which is an annual event making for unexpected events with love and money, so this is not a great time to take risks with either.

Thursday 3/29 • Saturn squares the Sun in Aries throwing some obstacles in your path.

Saturday 3/31 • Full moon in Libra, ruled by Venus. Her energy is all over this full moon and her charms are useful to form a cooperative relationship between unlikely partners for the gain of both. Later, Venus moves into her other home sign of Taurus. Here she is at home and will bless those things associated with the 2nd house. Relationships, money and luxury. Here begins Passover.

Sunday 4/1 • is a religious and secular holiday hookup . Easter and April Fools Day occur on the same day which happens rarely. Easter also marks the first full Sunday after the post Spring Equinox Full Moon. Sun in Aries is conjunct Mercury also in Aries making for confidence in dealing with business matters.

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