Happy Monday ☆ Moon Day ☆ Card of the Day

King of Cups Upright @ciromarchetti

Perfect for this Moon Day as She, Luna, is in 8th house Scorpio. This is the Scorpio card so if you are a Scorpio you may be front in center today, and if you are not, then a Scorpio in your life will play an important role today.

This is mastery of emotions. The ultimate poker face. This card invites us to consider learning self mastery as it relates to emotional expression. It will be needed this week with some rather argumentative astrological aspects approaching. Remember, as your teapot starts to scream, be intelligent about how you release the steam. Have a beautiful day loves.

🔮 🌹 👁🌙🌌‍#astrology #tarot #selflove #happy #peace #taropy #hereweare #loveisthelaw #witchesofinstagram #choosejoy #positivity #selfcare #affirmations 💕🔮🌌👁‍🌙☀

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