Happy Thursday ☆ Thorsday  ☆ Jupiter’s Day ☆ Card of the Day

Da’at ~ the 11th and oft considered the “Invisible” Sephirot on the Qabalistic tree of life. It resides between Chokma “Wisdom”, and Binah “Understanding”. It is the void that exists between the thoughts, words, and actions.

It’s in this void that we bridge the gap between knowledge and understanding. This requires the calm and peace of the void, via, meditation and contemplation. Hold time for quiet thoughts, daydreaming, and meditation. In this space of no expectations, we can assimilate those facts and figures that we absorb all day and come to understand what they mean in the bigger scheme of things. So soul family, PLEASE DAYDREAM, despite what you’ve been told it is very productive.

Much love soul family ♡

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