Happy Thursday ☆ Thorsday  ☆ Jupiter’s Day ☆ Card of the Day

Sacred Rebels Oracle Cards

21. Beyond the Mind, the Heart Beats

Again, our attention is drawn to the two brain hemispheres today, and the need to not neglect one in favor of the other.

This oracle comes in perfect time as well. We are beyond the tough squares by today and the Moon has entered spiritual and compassionate Pisces. Pisces is the perfect antidote for the fear and frustration of over planning. So….

Are you frustrated and fearful in taking the next step in a project or life situation? Have you planned as far as you are able and still feel unsure to act. This is where the left brain has done all that it can, and awaits your heart or right brain to move.

This message reminds us that we already know how to do what we need to do. Our heart has an imprint of the very thing you want to accomplish. Now is when you let your heart and feeling/intuitive mind make the next move. Remember, In this holographic universe, the thing you wish to create is already manifested…just mold it into the here and now.

Much love soul family ♡

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