Party in the Sky ☆ Astro Weather Report For April 23rd through the 29th

Monday • a moody Moon in Leo squares a bombastic Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio. Don’t worry about the past. It is long gone. Keep your self esteem healthy and focused in the now and forward. Be realistic.

Tuesday • Venus moves into Gemini a fun and social aspect. Enjoy making new friends.

Wednesday • Sun now in Taurus is trining a Virgo Moon ~ relationships are solid and supportive.

Thursday • Moon enters Libra opposes Chiron now in Aries and trines Venus in Gemini. Relationships are fun, optimistic and you feel confident in the social arena.

Friday • Libra Moon is aspecting everything lol. Neptune, Pluto, Mars, and Uranus. Power struggles at home in your romantic partnerships. Feeling invisible and taken for granted. You may want to blow up. Breathe deeply and proceed with a higher awareness.

Sunday • Full Moon in Scorpio bring attention to the deeper emotional issues in our lives. It illuminates past hurts and insecurities. This a fantastic moon for healing emotionally. Especially with Chiron in Aries now, you will no longer feel like lingering in the pain, but rather take the lesson and move forward.

Much love soul family ♡

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