Happy Thursday ☆ Thorsday ☆ Jupiter’s Day ☆ Card of the Day

Sahaqiel•Angel of the Sky


Moon in Sagittarius trining Uranus in Aries whilst the moon is void of course~Electric energy jumping out of our skins, chaotic and lacking initial direction, but with guidance can be harnessed and used productively. Here is where Sahaqiel comes in the picture.

This benevolent Angel is a ring of protection between the manifested world on earth and the whirling chaos of the divine beyond the ain soph aur or veils between thoughts and things. Sahaqiel understands that we can only comprehend glimpses of the divine at a time, so in that, providing protection from an onslaught of divine data. Think of Sahaqiel as your trusted friend who guides you through an acid trip.

So much is happening soul family as we evolve, it can leave our heads spinning. Sahaqiel acts as a filter and guide. Rely on this, know you are surrounded by ancestors and celestial beings that want us to evolve. We are safe.

Much love soul family ♡

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