Happy Thursday ☆ Thorsday ☆ Jupiter’s Day ☆ Card of the Day


6 of swords reversed with the Moon upright:

Fitting the astrological aspects today ~ lying to ourselves and others and refusing to move forward. Sometimes we equate regularity with security. They are not the same thing. Staying in a long dead relationship because of a perceived security or perceived comfort. This is forcing your frightened will onto and against the natural flow of things. Don’t kid yourself or your partner thinking if you simply stay together it will improve. The relationship feels dead because it is. Move on. This energy is applicable in a number of ways. Jobs, homes, careers, etc. This draw fits today’s first astrological aspect of note.

Astro Aspects of Note:

Moon in Pisces squares Venus in Gemini is where there might be some deception and insincerity in dealing with relationships. Sometimes this helps, more often we are lying to ourselves.

Moon in Pisces trining Jupiter in Scorpio .

Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune also in Pisces

Both of these aspects are great for creativity, compassion and heightened intuition. Great for spiritual and creative endeavors.

Much love soul family ♡

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