Party in the sky 🔮Astro Weather Report for May 28th through June 3rd

starry sky

Monday ~ Moon enters Sagittarius forms a trine with Chiron in Aries. Great time to look into what motivates our actions, but don’t ruminate too long, this aspect wants action. Consider your past experiences and use that experience and knowledge to make better choices going forward.

Tuesday ~ A lucky and dynamic Full Moon in Sagittarius (Flower Moon) makes an opposition to the Sun in Gemini. Emotive and fun communications. Although it may be emotional, it’s lighthearted and not too intense. Mercury enters Gemini and will remain for approximately 2 weeks. Gemini is Mercury’s home and will help to keep conversations and all forms of communications at a peak.

Friday ~ Mercury in Gemini trines Mars in Aquarius again making for detailed, thorough, and sexy conversation. This is also amplified by Venus in Cancer trining Jupiter in Scorpio (house of sex and death) and, Venus in Cancer opposing the Moon in Capricorn who is later conjunct Pluto also in Capricorn. Where it was lighthearted earlier in the week, these aspects make for deep soul searching conversations.

Saturday ~ Venus in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces great for romance, creativity, and psychic endeavors.

Sunday ~ Moon in Aquarius trines both the Sun and Mercury in Gemini and is conjunct with Mars in Aquarius. This is relaxed easy going Sunday. Nothing too serious just clear and open communication.

Positive week overall!
Much love soul family



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