🔮Summer Solstice Blessings🔮

As the sun rises today, beginning his busiest and longest day of the year, let us be reminded of the natural procession of season, day, life. This marks the height of the Sun’s virility, vitality, and potency. After today, the daylight hours will begin to wane like the monthly moon, making way for the lunar, feminine embrace of autumn, then winter, and she will reach the same zenith in 6 months time, paving the way for Spring and Summer again and again, and so on.

This reminds me of the beauty of the principle of polarity. The qabalistic tree has a qlipoth tree, the unseen roots. The day becomes the night. Summer becomes winter. We all have a light and shadow side. Life become death becomes life again. Neither one conquering the other, but rather, forever in a dance as we, and all things are eternal.

I believe the Aghori discipline illustrates this perfectly. No part of existence or anihilation can be favored. All parts make a whole. Lengthy diatribe, I know, but I was nudges to ponder this today. Integration of the good, bad, light, shadow, night, day, summer and winter is imperative to growth and development.

I hope this made sense to you. All parts make the whole let no part overcome the other. Balance.

Much love soul family ♡

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