DARK NIGHT of THE SOUL/ The HANGED MAN -Divine Alignment

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My Supra Conscioussoul Tarot

PULLED UPSIDE DOWN.  There has been some powerful energies recently, six retrograde planets, in the midst of Eclipse season, most of the masculine planets on hold, meant that we were all forced into a receptive state, an internal self searching, inward state of creativity in which the darkness serves the light.  We have been doing shadow work, inner child healing as well as upgrading who we are and being pulled towards soul and aura cleanses as well as self love in all it’s forms.  Many of us have gone into hanged man mode as we look for the answers within but it also tells us that a delay can be in our best interest as we surrender to the energies, rather than push against the grain as we release the Ego.

WHO AM I? There is a massive shift of energy in terms of who we were and who we…

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