🔮🌙Party in the Sky ☆ Astro Weather Report For August 20th through August 26th 2018🌙🔮

Monday ● A beautiful fire trine with Sun in Leo and a Sagittarius Moon. Happy, creative, and optimistic vibes. Here marks a week of lovely trines.

Tuesday ● Moon enters Capricorn and forms another trine with Uranus in Taurus. Unexpected developments with career and finances.

Wednesday ● Pluto and the Moon in Capricorn are conjunct, or, within 10 degrees of each other. Intensification of the energies from both planets. Emotions and personal power as well as transformation.

Thursday ● Happy Birthday Virgo. Sun enters Virgo at midnight EST. Good time to focus on health, particularly your diet as Virgo rules the digestive system. Moon enters Aquarius and squares Uranus in Taurus. Rebellion and frustration at the status quo. Especially related to money. Mars and the Moon in Capricorn are conjunct. Mars retrograde, could mean violent reaction to this rebellion.

Friday ● Air trine today with Venus in Libra trining the Moon in Aquarius. Fun, easy going relationships with clear communication. Agape love and logic are at the helm in the world of romance.

Saturday ● First of two earth trines today with Virgo Sun trining Uranus in Taurus good energy to exercise, for sport or just for cleaning and organization of your home, particularly related to investment, so maybe start home improvements. Great time to restructure your budget. That Virgo sun also trines Saturn in Capricorn. More emphasis on structure and functionality. How can your life, routines, career, health be handled more efficiently? Today you can easily iron out the details and form the perfect process.

Sunday ● Full Moon in dreamy Pisces is the cherry on the sunday/e of a lovely week.

All this AND Mercury is direct. YESSSS!

Much love soul family ♡

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