🌙🔮Happy Aries Full Moon🌙🔮

October 13, 2019

A Full Hunter’s Moon at 20 degrees and 30 minutes of Aries occurs today.

The Aries Full Moon brings courage and a different outlook on the self. Maybe releasing old limiting thoughts or perhaps, even, a reinvention of the self based on something that has been sitting in your subconscious.

Aries can feel intense and emotionally charged at times, however, benevolent Jupiter brings a beautiful trine with this moon making that courage and intensity payoff, so remain optimistic.

Pluto and Saturn square this full moon so, particularly, if Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, or Libra play out dominantly in your chart, try to steer clear of arguments and power struggles. Mars in libra might create a passive aggressive pull as well so be careful who you smart off to. Don’t lose your cool and keep your eyes on the prize.

That trine with Jupiter and the cardinal T square is reflected in our card for this lunation.

The Star’s hope and optimism along with its progressive push against the old traditional ways brings that freshly showered feeling. A feeling of newness and pure and positive potential. A perfect coupling with the optimism that Aries and Jupiter’s energy brings to any situation.

May cool heads and optimism prevail.

Much love soul family ♡☆

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