🌙🔮Happy Taurus Full Moon🌙🔮

November 12, 2019

A Full Moon occurs at 19 degrees of Taurus at 8.34 AM EST.

This is a manifesting full moon highlighting what you want. Perhaps something you’ve wanted for a long time.

This full moon opposes almost exactly with retrograde Mercury in Scorpio . Reconsideration (retrograde Mercury) of what you want and subconsciously (Scorpio) what you believe that you deserve.

This lunar energy is supported with 2 beautiful trines with Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn. This brings transformation into the 3 dimensional world.

If that weren’t awesome enough, a harmonious sextile is formed with Pluto and Saturn with the Sun and Mercury.

Lastly, a sextile between Saturn and Neptune brings dreams to reality.

Really nice energy and a great time to start focusing again on some of those long time dreams, plans, and goals. This is the time to make them a reality.

Our cards for this lunation are the 4 of wands reversed suggesting a rite of passage testing patience and calm. With these manifesting Moon energies, don’t rush or force your will, let divine move you in the right direction at the right pace.

We also pulled the Rescuer archetype. As divine guides you in your endeavors, it frees you to gently help others from a genuine place of love.

Much love soul family ♡☆

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