🌙🔮Happy Gemini Full Moon🌙🔮

December 12, 2019 12.11 EST 19 degrees of Gemini

Gemini is mind, communication, travel, understanding and learning. The duality of Gemini brings into focus multiple ways of learning something. Sometimes a second look will bring to light the point of focus and priority.

A T square is formed with Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Gemini and Neptune, now direct, in Pisces. Let any miscommunications settle before acting. Navigate information with both left and right sides of your brain prior to coming to a conclusion.

Neptune in Pisces trines Mars in Scorpio. Expressing love actively in all things. You might feel a pull to a higher love.

Full moon inconjunct Saturn, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn. Let go of some weight that holds you back to be truly free.

Chiron is direct in Aries focus on will and self confidence. Working on fears and free will. Self love self worth.

Capricorn has a stellium Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Venus, Ceres , and the South Node. This pileup in Capricorn will keep you in check with priorities around value, or money, self worth, and time. This is helpful with the Gemini Full Moon as it keeps your feet grounded.

Our card for this lunation is:

7 of Cups reversed

This is Venus in Scorpio

With this Gemini Full Moon our purpose is revealed. The veil is lifted and we come to understand what our priorities should be. We can now, with the pure truth revealed, move forward with focus and determination.

Much love soul family ♡☆

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