🔮🌙Full Moon in Virgo🌙🔮

March 9th 2020 at 20 degrees Virgo 7.48 am EST

This Lunation iluminates how to solve something or fix something. How to plan something in your life depending on where Virgo falls in your chart.

This full moon trines Mars, Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn. Illumination, Perfection and purification of these archetypes. Bringing many hidden things to light and transforms them with ease. Virgo is about setting standards and planning to improve these parts of your life. Often to do with the body and health.

Mercury Retrograde is stationing direct at this point and as Mercury rules Virgo this will assist in planning and problem solving and turning what you have control of around. Perhaps something that you thought was a lost cause.

The Sun and Neptune conjunct in Pisces making for a very intuitive energy. How are you working with this energy. Perhaps you can use energy to heal yourself individually and all people collectively. Take care of yourself and rest when needed.

Our card for this Lunation is the Death card in the upright position.
Prepare for transformation and purification. Allow this changing energy to mold you into the best version that you can be. That fits very well with the Full Moon In Virgo.

Much love soul family ♡☆

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