🌙🔮2nd New Moon in Cancer for 2020🔮🌙

July 20, 2020 at 10.33 AM EST at 29 degrees of Cancer.

As the Sun and Moon will be conjunct in Cancer they form an opposition, or opportunity for growth in Capricorn where Jupiter and Pluto are still conjunct. Jupiter (expansion) and Pluto (transformation) are tightly connected through November of this year. Around election time ;), so change is the order of the day.

This Pluto/Jupiter conjunction squares Eris(Goddess of chaos and discord)in Aries(sign of energetic initiative)forming a cardinal cross. Uprising against existing and archaic structures like government, courts, policing, church and higher learning.

Mars in Aries will be squaring the Pluto/Jupiter conjunction on and off for 6 months.. Energized political uprisings and initiative for action. The lower octave of this could manifest as anger and violence. Something to be aware of.

On an easier note, the new moon trines Neptune in Pisces which makes for new creative and spiritual endeavors as well as SPIRITUAL AWAKENING 💗

Card of this Lunation is:
Dumah – Angel of dreams
What we see is only a manifestation of our collective dream. We are reminded here that we can dream consciously and purposefully. We are right now creating our individual and collective existence. We are guided to dream a better dream and, using the astrology at hand, build the world that we collectively want to see. Reminder that there is no I, and we are never alone. We are one. What benefits my brother/sister/non binary, also benefits me. Its not me…but We.💕🙏🙏🏿🙏🏼💕

Much love soul family ⭐💗

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