🌙🔮Aries Full Moon 🔮🌙

October 1, 2020 at 5:05 PM AM EST and 9 degrees of Aries

Very assertive and frustrated energy meets a firey emotional full moon in fiery, willful Aries. Still feeling the tense frustration of the Mars (the will) retrograde, squaring(conflict) Saturn (restriction) stationed direct, in their respective signs amplifying both planet’s archetypes. With this frustration of desire to act meets a brick wall, making action difficult, one could more effectively do some internal work at this time. Segue to Chiron.

This full moon is conjunct Chiron (the wounded healer) bringing up the emotional connection to the will. Bringing up the questions is there a place for me in this world and also the question of do I have a right to my will at all? Does my will fit in with the will of other’?. Is there enough room for my will and another’s will?

Wills in mind, Mars is conjunct Black Moon Lilith (repressed feminine anger) and Eris (chaos and discord)…bucking the rules. Flare ups due to a desire not be ordered about. Expect a rebellious vibe in yourself and others.

Lastly, Venus nearly in Virgo is a little critical and Mercury will have been in Scorpio a few days at the point of the Aries full moon making for an acid tongue. It might be easy to read someone for filth…so…if you don’t want to lose friends and colleagues, think before you speak.

All in all, there is a focus on the individual will versus the restriction of the 3d world and all of it’s insecurities, laws and density.

Our card for this Lunation is:

8 of Pentacles Reversed
This is Sun in Virgo with no energy.
This card truly captures the feeling of Mars retrograde squaring Saturn stationing direct. The desire and the will weighed down by the lead of Saturn. Lethargy and laziness can be the result. Again, great time for inner work. Maybe not so much about getting things going.

Much love soul family ⭐💗

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