🌙🔮Full Moon PartiaLunar Eclipse in. Gemini 🔮🌙

November 30 4.30 AM EST at 8 degrees 38 minutes of Gemini.

Full Moon in Gemini highlights the culmination or ending of a cycle that is very linked to information and the communication of that information. The truth or non truth of that information. This true or untrue information is likely to spark intense emotional reactions.

Complicating this is a square forms between this Lunation and Neptune causing some confusion and vagueness. Lack of clarity of what is true or not is the order.

Moon in Gemini sextiles Mars in Aries creating an instinctive need to act on emotions. For this be careful.

This could cause disconnect in communication, possibly outages due to Mercury in sextile with Saturn who is entering the last degrees of Capricorn before his move into Aquarius and the great conjunction with Jupiter.

Our Card for this Lunation is:

5 of Coins Upright

This is a call to remain connected to source for truth and clarity.

If you find your self mentally pulled in different directions, look within to find the true path. The energy astrologically is somewhat confusing, but if you stay focused on your higher mind, you will navigate this energy with less drama and confusion.

Much love soul family ⭐💗

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