🌛🔮New Moon in Capricorn🔮🌜

January  13th 12.01 AM EST at 23 degrees 13 minutes of Capricorn

Setting intentions of who do you want to be. This new moon is the first post the Saturn Jupiter Conjunction.  It’s a new era you are setting intentions for.  Again, who do you want to be?

There are some struggles this New Moon making for a tense week around the new moon..

This Lunation is conjunct Pluto (powerful people )and square to Eris (Goddess of Discord, chaos and rebellion) so we will see more revolutionary reaction to power. Rebellion.

Mercury squares Uranus and Black Moon Lilith bringing rebellious, provocative communication and button pushing.  You may feel triggered or find yourself taunting others. Either way these exchanges can promote massive change. The underdog will be heard.

Mars in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius causing more frustration, anger and power struggles. Strong desire to cling to the old.

Jupiter squares Uranus brings huge exaggerated changes. Uranus in Taurus squaring Jupiter in Aquarius. Likely changes to financial conditions and structures.

On a lighter note, Neptune in Pisces is sextile the New Moon lots of compassion but be wary of confusion and delusion.

Also positive,  Venus is trine Uranus.  Fun and positive interaction with loved ones. Relationships may change and grow in a positive way. Quirky love. Feeling super creative. Also expect changes to what you value and how you prioritize.

Our card for this Lunation is:
3rd decan of Capricorn Tarot Card Assignment is 4 of Pentacles

Be wary of clinging rigidly and desperately to what you know and how it’s been, as this will cause more frustration and tension.  It’s a natural instinct to reach for any solid rock and hold on tight when things are turbulent. Instead,  it’s best to breathe deeply, let go and try to be as flexible as possible. 

We are going through massive changes, so deep breath, ground and center and know that this is  change we must go through to see the peace on the other side.

Much love soul family ⭐

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