⚡Uranus conjunct Mars⚡

On Jan 20th Mars is conjunct Uranus exactly at 12.38 pm est. This happens at 6 degrees of Taurus identified as “Obstinant Determination”, at approximately 40 minutes into the US inauguration.  The energy of this however can be felt from the 17 to the 23rd.  Mars activates Uranus creating a very electrically charged energy that will feel like you are jumping out of your skin and absolutely in need of change.  Tempers can flare, there will be moments of impulsiveness and frustration…something to be aware of as you deal with others and money.

Almost simultaneously,  Jupiter is square to Uranus and Mars resulting in an explosive and change causing energy of self righteousness. This can also cause arguments and discord that might last as Jupiter is conjunct Saturn.

Moon enters Taurus and squares the Sun and Saturn in Aquarius causing emotional frustration as it relates to self expression and the reality of life with others. Maybe you feel you aren’t being heard at work. Be careful not to burn bridges as Saturn has away of solidifying consequences and making them last.


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