Full Capricorn Moon🌌

June 24th at  3 degrees of  Capricorn.

Key words are Ambition,  Good Fortune and Optimism.

The Full Moon sextiles Jupiter, now retrograde in Pisces bringing optimism,  and good fortune for your past investment of time and energy.  Also great relationships thanks to your unique ability at this time,  to intuit the emotions of others.

Capricorn is about ambition and hard work and this full moon indicates that the culmination of your efforts brings rewards.

2 of Pentacles is the Tarot Card for this decan of Capricorn.
This is Jupiter in Capricorn.
How appropriate is this. Good luck in all things that Capricorn rules. Career, ambition and dutifull work.

Expect some great rewards.

Much love soul family ⭐

  ‍#astrology  #tarot


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