New Cancer Moon 🌌

July 9th 9.17 pm EST at  18 degrees of  Cancer.

Key words: friends/family,  reconsideration,  compassion, new creative project in the home and heightened intuition.

Moon at home in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus unexpected meeting with family and friends you call family and a change in the way you feel about someone.

A few hours later,  the Moon in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces. You could be feeling increased compassion for others less fortunate than you. Your intuition and psychic awareness increases at this time. Also you may be setting the groundwork for some new creative projects in the home.

The Tarot Card for this decan of Cancer is
3 of Cups:
Mercury in Cancer and the expression of joy, celebration and jubilation.
Feel grateful for those that you love and celebrate the time you share. Even if it’s just a night in at home with some movies and popcorn celebrate the gifts of your life.

Much love soul family ⭐

  ‍#astrology  #tarot

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