Full Aquarius Moon ๐ŸŒŒ

July 24th 2.37 AM UT at  1degree of  Aquarius.

Key words: Emotions driven by Ego

With the Full Moon in Aquarius 180 degrees or directly opposite Leo, emotions run high.

Leo is in season and is ruled by the Sun so with the Sun in Leo, its power is amplified.

Leo is an emotionally expressive sign and is not shy about letting others know it’s feelings. These could be feelings that have culminated from ideas about how the collective should be heard. This is how this energy can manifest in the macrocosm.

On a microcosmic level this could be you reacting to some perceived slight by your group of friends or coworkers. Feeling left out, ostracized or abandoned.

The chances that these feelings are exaggerated are pretty high. That said, before reacting,  think things through first. Use the Aquarian logic to confirm that the emotional reaction you are considering is warranted.

The Tarot Card for this Lunation is 7 of Swords- Unstable Efforts

Plans that are ill conceived are doomed to fail. Knee jerk reactions will not serve you at this time. Swords are thoughts and they are being held haphazardly and are rushed.

Slow down. Reassessment of the situation will help you to navigate your emotions before you react to them. This will ensure the reaction fits the situation.

Much love soul family โญ๏’—

๏”ฎ ๏Œน ๏‘๏Œ™๏ŒŒโ€#astrology  #tarot

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