New Leo Moon Lions Gate🌌

August 8 at 16 degrees of Leo.

Key words: Authenticity and Revelations Powerful Manifestation

This Lions Gate Portal can manifest your dreams with the right seeds sown in this New Moon.

This Lunation Squares Uranus. True and authentic Indivuality and self expression shines through. Be honest with yourself too about that which you wish to manifest and who you want to be.

The New Leo Moon is also Conjunct Mercury, so,  you may find the unexpected confessions of others and long held secrets revealed to you and by you.  Something like a truth serum. Say what you want and what you need.

Our Tarot Card for this Lunation:

6 of wands is the card of the 2nd decan of Leo and indicates victory after labor. This is expansive Jupiter in Leo what an amazing message.

Lucky Jupiter aids in our manifestation work. Ask for what you want. Sow the seeds now and work that land till the harvest.

Much love soul family ⭐

  ‍#astrology  #tarot

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