🌌Full Aries Moon🌌

October 20th @10.57 AM EST and 27 degrees of Aries.

Full Moon culmination of the efforts invested in your goals. This full moon energy might give you an active and energetic feeling.  Enjoy this and take advantage of this energy to further advance your goals.

In the early hours, this Lunation squares Pluto making arguments and power struggles possible.  Best to harness this energy in more constructive ways.

The card for the 3rd decan of Aries is 4 of Wands.

I feel Thoth deck best displays the balance and stable power of 4 and the blend of tin and yang energy.

This is Venus in Aries the balance of masculine and feminine energies.  The green of netzach indicates how form and direction can best make use of the powerful yang energy of Aries.  Get those projects going..harness this amazing active vibe.

Much love soul family ⭐

  ‍#astrology  #tarot


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