🌙🔮Full Moon in Pisces 🔮🌙

September 2, 2020 at 1.22 AM EST and 10 degrees Pisces

This full Moon in dreamy Pisces is a positive one for the most part. As the full moon is basically an opposition of the sun and moon, the sun’s placement plays a role too. With the full moon being about culmination, cleaning out and wrapping energies up, the Virgo sun calls for order; purging people, places, things and ideals from your life that no longer serve you.

The Sun in Virgo trines Uranus and The Pisces Moon sextile Uranus brings spiritual insight and creative surges. Also some unexpected surprises likely positive ones. Dream a little dream and let Uranus and Pisces do their magic You might suddenly be moved to break off relationships or break bad health habits or clean out your closet. It will likely be for the best.

Venus in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn creating tension between the divine feminine and masculine. This is literally mom and dad arguing. Try in this time to seek balance of the feminine/masculine polarity within. This can help to keep relationships in tact during the tense Venus/Saturn conversation.

Later in the day the moon in Pisces is conjunct Neptune also in Pisces. This is a creative, dreamy and somewhat confusing energy. Keep this in mind before making life changing decisions as all of the information may not be clear. However, it is a fabulous time for spiritual and artistic endeavors.

Our card for this Lunation is:

King of Swords Upright.
An analytical, clear and logical approach to your Full Moon is suggested. Although this is an Aquarian card, the ideals definitely embody that sun in Virgo energy. Allow the left brain to guide you as you analyze your next steps during your culmination, reassessment and ultimate purge. However that may manifest cool logic shouldprevail. I pulled this card personally as well so this message wants to be heard.

Much love soul family ⭐💗

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Jupiter goes direct the 12 of September
Saturn goes direct 29 Sept pluto goes direct oct 4 mars retro 9 September quincunx with sun in Virgo


🌙New Moon in Gemini🌙

May 22, 2020 at 2 degrees Gemini 1.39 pm EST

The new moon in Gemini is a very positive, social and communicative lunation. It is Gemini being the heady sign he is. Lots of catching up on the latest news and playful games of the mind, as well as spending time in communion (at a safe distance) with friends.

This new moon trines Saturn in Aquarius which is great for thinking about and planning out long term goals. The energy is positive and mentally focused.

Our card for this Lunation is:
The Ace of Wands Upright
This card illustrates the positive energy and wonderful opportunity this trine can bring. Lots of energy and a new start on a project that is close to your heart.

Much love soul family ♡☆

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🔮🌙Full Moon in Virgo🌙🔮

March 9th 2020 at 20 degrees Virgo 7.48 am EST

This Lunation iluminates how to solve something or fix something. How to plan something in your life depending on where Virgo falls in your chart.

This full moon trines Mars, Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn. Illumination, Perfection and purification of these archetypes. Bringing many hidden things to light and transforms them with ease. Virgo is about setting standards and planning to improve these parts of your life. Often to do with the body and health.

Mercury Retrograde is stationing direct at this point and as Mercury rules Virgo this will assist in planning and problem solving and turning what you have control of around. Perhaps something that you thought was a lost cause.

The Sun and Neptune conjunct in Pisces making for a very intuitive energy. How are you working with this energy. Perhaps you can use energy to heal yourself individually and all people collectively. Take care of yourself and rest when needed.

Our card for this Lunation is the Death card in the upright position.
Prepare for transformation and purification. Allow this changing energy to mold you into the best version that you can be. That fits very well with the Full Moon In Virgo.

Much love soul family ♡☆

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🌙🔮Happy Gemini Full Moon🌙🔮

December 12, 2019 12.11 EST 19 degrees of Gemini

Gemini is mind, communication, travel, understanding and learning. The duality of Gemini brings into focus multiple ways of learning something. Sometimes a second look will bring to light the point of focus and priority.

A T square is formed with Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Gemini and Neptune, now direct, in Pisces. Let any miscommunications settle before acting. Navigate information with both left and right sides of your brain prior to coming to a conclusion.

Neptune in Pisces trines Mars in Scorpio. Expressing love actively in all things. You might feel a pull to a higher love.

Full moon inconjunct Saturn, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn. Let go of some weight that holds you back to be truly free.

Chiron is direct in Aries focus on will and self confidence. Working on fears and free will. Self love self worth.

Capricorn has a stellium Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Venus, Ceres , and the South Node. This pileup in Capricorn will keep you in check with priorities around value, or money, self worth, and time. This is helpful with the Gemini Full Moon as it keeps your feet grounded.

Our card for this lunation is:

7 of Cups reversed

This is Venus in Scorpio

With this Gemini Full Moon our purpose is revealed. The veil is lifted and we come to understand what our priorities should be. We can now, with the pure truth revealed, move forward with focus and determination.

Much love soul family ♡☆

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🌙🔮Happy Aries Full Moon🌙🔮

October 13, 2019

A Full Hunter’s Moon at 20 degrees and 30 minutes of Aries occurs today.

The Aries Full Moon brings courage and a different outlook on the self. Maybe releasing old limiting thoughts or perhaps, even, a reinvention of the self based on something that has been sitting in your subconscious.

Aries can feel intense and emotionally charged at times, however, benevolent Jupiter brings a beautiful trine with this moon making that courage and intensity payoff, so remain optimistic.

Pluto and Saturn square this full moon so, particularly, if Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, or Libra play out dominantly in your chart, try to steer clear of arguments and power struggles. Mars in libra might create a passive aggressive pull as well so be careful who you smart off to. Don’t lose your cool and keep your eyes on the prize.

That trine with Jupiter and the cardinal T square is reflected in our card for this lunation.

The Star’s hope and optimism along with its progressive push against the old traditional ways brings that freshly showered feeling. A feeling of newness and pure and positive potential. A perfect coupling with the optimism that Aries and Jupiter’s energy brings to any situation.

May cool heads and optimism prevail.

Much love soul family ♡☆

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🌙🔮Happy Libra New Moon 🌙🔮

September 28, 2019

A New Moon at 5 degrees of Libra occurs today. This brings strong bonds of love with Venus in her celestial home of Libra.

However, both Venus and Mercury are square to Pluto, AND, with Saturn conjunct Pluto expect power struggles in your interpersonal relationships. Also, an energy shift which can prove very productive.

Additionally , Neptune is Sextile to Pluto, so there is an opportunity for creative transformation and a feeling of charity and philanthropy.

As you can see, Pluto is playing a major role during this New Moon so themes of transformation and power are front and center.

This is a Huge energy shift. Take advantage, otherwise, you will feel hyper, bored and might be looking for a fight.

2 cards came out today which reflect that Libra New Moon with Venus at home energy :

Star card and Ace of coins.

Optimism and progress with a new financial opportunity. Joy and Value. Can’t beat that!

Have a transformative and loving new moon soul family ♡☆

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🌙🔮New Moon in Virgo 🌙🔮


Happy New Moon in Virgo.

Mercury, Sun, Venus, Mars also in Virgo.

Mars and Venus conjunct in Virgo can bring possessiveness, competitiveness, and hyper criticism to your interpersonal relationships. It also brings romance and passion.

With both Mercury and Mars in Virgo a laser like precision is applied to career matters. A trine with Uranus creates an opportunity for growth. Also competition. The perfect segue to our card 3 of coins reversed. Beware of mediocrity. If you are exerting only partial effort in the workplace, now is the time to up your game. This new moon and Uranus trine brings opportunity of growth and advancement. Much love soul family

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🔮🌙Party in the Sky ☆ Astro Weather Report For August 20th through August 26th 2018🌙🔮

Monday ● A beautiful fire trine with Sun in Leo and a Sagittarius Moon. Happy, creative, and optimistic vibes. Here marks a week of lovely trines.

Tuesday ● Moon enters Capricorn and forms another trine with Uranus in Taurus. Unexpected developments with career and finances.

Wednesday ● Pluto and the Moon in Capricorn are conjunct, or, within 10 degrees of each other. Intensification of the energies from both planets. Emotions and personal power as well as transformation.

Thursday ● Happy Birthday Virgo. Sun enters Virgo at midnight EST. Good time to focus on health, particularly your diet as Virgo rules the digestive system. Moon enters Aquarius and squares Uranus in Taurus. Rebellion and frustration at the status quo. Especially related to money. Mars and the Moon in Capricorn are conjunct. Mars retrograde, could mean violent reaction to this rebellion.

Friday ● Air trine today with Venus in Libra trining the Moon in Aquarius. Fun, easy going relationships with clear communication. Agape love and logic are at the helm in the world of romance.

Saturday ● First of two earth trines today with Virgo Sun trining Uranus in Taurus good energy to exercise, for sport or just for cleaning and organization of your home, particularly related to investment, so maybe start home improvements. Great time to restructure your budget. That Virgo sun also trines Saturn in Capricorn. More emphasis on structure and functionality. How can your life, routines, career, health be handled more efficiently? Today you can easily iron out the details and form the perfect process.

Sunday ● Full Moon in dreamy Pisces is the cherry on the sunday/e of a lovely week.

All this AND Mercury is direct. YESSSS!

Much love soul family ♡

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🔮🌙Party in the Sky ☆ Astro Weather Report For August 6th through August 12th 2018🌙🔮

Monday ● Sun in Leo squares Jupiter in Scorpio can mean an overindulgence in everything! Try to practice moderation. Jupiter is in 8th house Scorpio, so here lie the motives for addiction ~ a good opportunity to stop, observe, and consider before eating that pie, sleeping with that stranger, or drinking that bottle of wine. What’s urging you to consume that drug?

Venus goes to her holiday home to Libra. Relationships are smooth and loving.

Tuesday ● Moon in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. Lies, deception and coercion. If the mouth is moving, they are lying. That applies to us as well. Tendancy to embellish or avoid the truth is enhanced today. Take all promises with a grain of salt. Mercury is also still retrograde.

Wednesday ● Moon enters her home sign of Cancer and makes quite a few aspects including a trine with Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, squares Chiron in Aries and Venus in Libra personal needs and feelings will not only cause relationship friction, but cause us to regress emotionally rather than progress. Again, remember Mercury is retrograde so hold off on big decisions.

Friday ● Moon enters Leo squares Jupiter in Scorpio, again bigger , bolder, grander, is not always better.

Saturday ● New Leo Moon with a solar eclipse as well as a square between Mercury in Leo and Jupiter in Scorpio will again, promise the world and write that check that your ass cannot cash. Believe about 1/8 of what you hear and again, Mercury is retrograde so hold off on big decisions.

Sunday ● Retrograde Mars backs up into Capricorn. A little lead in the warrior’s shoes.

An up and down back and forth roller-coaster tug of war this week.

Much love soul family ♡

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