The Party in the Sky ☆ Astro Weather Report ☆ April 16th ~ 22nd 2018

♡Mercury is Direct《as of Sunday 4/15》

Monday • the Moon enters Taurus and forms a short lived trine with Saturn in Capricorn.

Tuesday • Saturn goes retrograde and will remain that way for the next 5 months. This the first of 2 large outer planet and power related planets going retrograde this week in 10th house Capricorn. This time for reflection can allow us to tie up loose ends with long term projects both individually and collectively. It is a good time for introspection on your life’s trajectory. Also an opposition between Jupiter and Venus can create scenarios in relationships and finances where things may seem more optimistic than they really are. Hold off on big decisions relating to love and money.

Wednesday • the Moon enters Gemini. After a long time in Pisces, Chiron enters Aries today. This creates a new environment for the wounded healer. One that is a conduit to action more so than reflection.

Thursday • Moon in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. Logic and reality battles the desire to dream and escape. The Sun enters Taurus. Happy Birthday Taurus ♡

Friday • Mom and Dad power up with a rulerships opposition. The maternal Moon in Cancer opposes paternal Saturn in Capricorn through Saturday. Talk about polarity. If you feel your left and right brain at odds, or, more positively, well balanced today, it would be fitting. Hopefully it is the later 😉

Saturday • two lovely trines today. The Moon in Cancer trines both Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio. Romance, sensuality, creativity, parties, dreams. ..a real trippy, creative, and sexy time. Boho heaven. Careful of Luna’s later opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. This can make one try to control others in our personal relationships.

Sunday • Pluto, the second of our Outer Power planet retrogrades begins and will remain retrograde for the next 5 months. This retrograde might be more evident on the world stage. Pluto is TRANSFORMATION. So as it is retrograde, we might collectively be reconsidering how we do things on this planet. It might be a time of reflection of political systems and other power structures. Remember the retrograde occurs in Capricorn, 10th house of power structures. Soooo, should be interesting. Sunday is Earth Day and since she’s the only one we have , let’s be her good steward.

Busy week in the Sky and on earth.

Much love soul family ♡

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