Party in the Sky ☆ Astro Weather Report ☆ April 2nd through April 8th 2018

Monday 4/2 • Mars and Saturn form a conjunction. When they are this close together in the 10th house Capricorn, stuff gets done. Mars is exalted in Capricorn and Saturn rules Capricorn. When it comes to career and reputation, Mats tends to be on his best behavior, and you may find that you receive some long awaited recognition for a job well done. Enjoy that while it lasts, because. ……….

Wednesday 4/4 • Mercury forms a square with the previously mentioned conjunction, causing angry, depressing, and disruptive communication and technical mishaps.

Saturday 4/7 • Venus in Taurus, one of her 2 rulerships, trines the Moon and Saturn in Capricorn. Nice for laying out plans for finances and relationships.

Sunday 4/8 • 2 difficult squares and an intense conjunction. Moon in Capricorn squares the Sun and Uranus in Aries who are conjunct causing knee-jerk reacting where authority and appropriate expression face off with ego and unpredictability. Tempers may flare and argument may spark. Adding to this already steamy shit pile is Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, power struggles fueled by self righteous emotional outbursts. Tread carefully loves☆

Much love soul family ♡

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The Party in the Sky~Astro Weather Report☆March 19th to the 25th 2018


Tuesday ☆ March 20th ☆ First Day of Spring ☆ Ostara ☆ Spring Equinox ☆ The Sun enters Aries. The new astrological year begins. The night and day are beautifully balanced. A great time to pause and decide what will be your next great endeavor!

On the same day Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Aries, this can cause communication to seen fast and potentially blunt.

Thursday ☆ March 22 ☆ Mercury goes retrograde. This happens in Aries so as you are finishing with old project and life situations, the fast Aries energy might make you feel rushed. Take a pause when this happens to avoid the mishaps and miscommunications typical in this Mercury’s retrograde. Delays are part of Mercury’s trickster charm, so expect them.

Friday ☆ March 23rd ☆ Venus squares Pluto causing possible power struggles in your interpersonal relationships.

Saturday ☆ March 24th ☆ Sun square Mars can cause conflict and ego clashes.

This week can prove challenging, but keep calm, think before speaking and you just might survive 🙂

Much love soul family ♡