☽☽☽☽Happy Moonday 7/24/2017☾☾☾☾

Good day friends.

This is my first actual written post.  My intention is to consider an esoteric function on each day according to that day’s  planetary assignment.

As it’s Monday, we will be discussing things related to the Moon.  That said, when considering the characteristics of the moon and investigate an occult practice related to digging into the higher, collective and subconscious.  I am talking Divination.

Being that this is the first written blog post, today will be about discussing the array of possible divination tools.   Tarot, Oracle Cards, Scrying of various forms, Ovomancy, Chiromancy, Tea leaves, Coffee grounds, Runes of all kinds and much more.

The idea with these tools is to use the symbols, imagery, and messages from both a learned and intuitive perspective.  We will delve into why these symbols and images would be pertinent to people all over the world in later posts.

So today, as it is the first day, feel free to leave a comment on what your favorite form of divination is and why.

I am new to this, so your patience with my grammar and choice of subject is much appreciated.

Much love fellow Lunatics ❤


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