🌌New Scorpio Moon🌌

November 4th 5.15 PM EST at 12 degrees of  Scorpio

Make your plans and set your intentions for this Lunation in the deep and mysterious fixed waters of Scorpio.  Scorpio is about transformation and investigation.  This is an ideal time to embark on a shadow work journey. Maybe learn what motivates you and how that translates into your life.

This Lunation is opposed by Uranus in Taurus who likes to upend things. Change is something Uranus loves and as Scorpio loves to transform things consider a change to your surroundings.  Maybe redecorate your home,  or reconsider your fashion sense or your lifestyle choices.

Our card for this New Moon is 6 of Cups
Memories of the past. Look to the past to find the motivation for the conditions of your present.  Finding these truths can be the very thing needed to transform our life.  When we are honest,  humble and open to understanding the origins of what motivates us we can see clearly what and how to change.

Much love soul family ⭐

  ‍#astrology  #tarot


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